Placement Status

Placement Status

Current Placement Status

In the current academic year college started “Earn and Learn” program in association with Quick Heal Foundation, Pune. In this program college students were trained by the company about Cyber Security and precautions to be taken while handling internet as well as whatsapp on mobile. These trained students were asked to give presentations on Cyber Security to the school students of standard 5th to 10th. Trained students will get remuneration for the presentations at the rate of Rs. 500/- per presentation of 200 school students.

Present scenario is that our college students (about 60) from F.Y. to T.Y.B.Sc. covered about 45 schools in Nasik region and gave presentations to about 38000 students. Quick Heal Foundation gave us upper limit of 20,000 students which our college students have already crossed. The corresponding amount of remuneration goes more than Rs. 1,80,000/- (One lakh Eighty thousand only)

So far more than four thousand students were benefited from this activity and more than 700 students were placed in reputed companies in Nasik and outside Nasik. Some students were placed in banking, finance, insurance sector and in air ways companies in Nasik and outside Nasik also. On an average 70 + students are placed in various companies.

Number of Placed Students

Year No. of students selected (Final)
2011-12 74
2012-13 28
2013-14 43
2014-15 92
2015-16 26
2016-17 34
2017-18 39



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