Maintenance Procedures and Policies

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing the physical, academic and support facilities.

Maintenance of Classrooms is done regularly by support staff and the electrician. After college hours, the Tube-lights, fans are switched-off and classrooms locked. Maintenance of Laboratory equipment and instruments are generally done by the laboratory assistants. Maintenance of sophisticated instruments is done by their respective manufacturers/agencies whenever the need arises. For the safety of the students and others working in the laboratory the laboratories are equipped with fire extinguishers, which are annually re-charged and maintained. Daily laboratory, glassware cleaning is done by laboratory attendants. After the use, equipments and instruments are kept in custody of the laboratory assistant. Hazardous chemicals are safely kept out of reach of the students and are handled by teachers or laboratory assistant only.

Computer Labs: Cleaning of the laboratories is regularly done by the attendants using vacuum cleaners. Software installation and updating of operating systems is done by the teachers and laboratory assistants. Major hardware repairing of the machines is outsourced. AMC is given to M/s Right System, M/s Hitech system, M/s Winlink Hardware system for repairs, UPS battery backup system and refilling of printer drums/cartridge.

Maintenance of Sports Complex: The play-ground and overall maintenance of the Gymnasium is done by support staff appointed in the Department of Physical Education. Grounds are cleaned and maintained regularly by peons and students from “Earn and Learn” scheme.

Maintenance of Library: The Library cleaning is done by the library attendants. AMC for pest control is in place to protect the library book stock. Open access is practiced for Post Graduate, Research Students and Teachers. Binding of books and journals is done annually. Minor repairs are done by the library staff, however, cloth binding is outsourced. Library has a computer laboratory, photocopy machine and their maintenance is done by manufacturers/providers. Disposal of old books, magazines, news-papers and other material is done on the recommendation of the Library Committee.

Utilization of Physical, Academic and Sports Facilities: Optimum utilization of infrastructural facilities on all days, including Sundays is practiced. The building is made available for conducting competitive exams by GOs and NGOs. The Need based maintenance of building and furniture is taken up regularly by establishment department. The college campus is under constant 24-hour CCTV surveillance. The sports ground which includes, the track, cricket field, basketball, Volley ball are made available to public. The sports facilities for football, volleyball, badminton, Cricket are provided by the Gymkhana. The multi-gym facility is made available to the students. Free of cost parking facility is made available separately for students and staff. The Garden is maintained by gardeners and students from “Earn and learn” scheme assist them. The college also provides canteen facility for students and staff on the campus at reasonable rates. Round the clock security surveillance is outsourced to a private agency.