2022 Res.Pub.

Research Publication: 2022

Sr. No Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISSN number Link to the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal
44 Implementation Of Forensic Entomology On Cattle Carcasses Pitched In Open Field In Nashik. Kolhe B. G., Bhamre V. M. and Magar P. B. Zoology International Journal of Medical Toxicology & Legal Medicine 2022 Print ISSN : 0972-0448. Online ISSN : 0974-4614. Link
43 Diversity patterns and seasonality of hawkmoths (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) from northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra Shere-Kharwar, A. S., Magdum, S. M., Khedkar, G. D., & Gupta, S. S. Zoology Journal of Threatened Taxa 2022 0974-7893 Link
42 Viscometric Properties of Aqueous Sodium and Potassium Salt of L-Leucine. Mahendra B. Dhande Chemistry Oriental Journal of Chemistry 2022 0970 – 020X Link
41 Volumetric Properties of Aqueous Sodium Salt of Amino Acids as CO2 Capture Solvent Mahendra B. Dhande Chemistry Indian Journal of Science and Technology 2022 0974-5645 Link
40 Spatio-Temporal Rainfall Variability and Concentration over Sri Lanka Uttam Pawar, Pasindu Karunathilaka, Upaka Rathnayake Geography Advances in Meteorology 2022 ISSN1687-9309; ISSN (Online) 1687-9317 Link
39 A GIS-Based Comparative Analysis of Frequency Ratio and Statistical Index Models for Flood Susceptibility Mapping in the Upper Krishna Basin, India Uttam Pawar, Worawit Suppawimut, Nitin Muttil, Upaka Rathnayake Geography Water 2022 E ISSN 2073-4441 Link
38 Recollection and lectotypification of Coix lacryma-jobi var. puellarum (Poaceae) in India Madhav N.A. & K.V.C. Gosavi Botany Rheedea 2022 0971-2313 Link
37 Eriocaulon shrirangii (Eriocaulaceae), a new species from lateritic plateaus of Konkan region of Maharashtra, India Chandore N.A., Borude D.B. Bhalekar P.P., Madhav N.A. and Gosavi K.V.C. Botany Phytotaxa 2022 1179-316 Link
36 : Rainfall distribution and trends over the semi-arid Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India Uttam Pawar Geography Arabian Journal of Geosciences 2022 Print ISSN 1866-7511; EISSN 1866-7538 Link
35 Hydrogeochemical characteristics and groundwater quality investigation along the basinal cross-section of Pravara River, Maharashtra, India Sainath Aher, Keshav Deshmukh, Praveen Gawali, Rajendra Zolekar, Pragati Deshmukh Geography Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X 2022 2590-0560 Link
34 Rare earth metal element doped g-GaN monolayer : Study of structural, electronic, magnetic, and optical properties by first-principle calculations Sandhya Y. Wakhare, Mrinalini D. Deshpande Physics Physica B: Condensed Matter 2022 0921-4526 Link
33 Synthesis of new thiazole and pyrazole clubbed 1, 2, 3-triazol derivatives as potential antimycobacterial and antibacterial agents Shivaji M Jagadale, Yogita K Abhale, Hari R Pawar, Abhijit Shinde, Vivek D Bobade, Abhijit P Chavan, Dhiman Sarkar, Pravin C Mhaske Chemistry Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2022 1563-5333 Link
32 Synthesis, Anticancer and Antimicrobial Screening of New Naphthalenyl-Thiazole and Quinolinyl-Thiazole Yogesh Walunj, Abhijit Shinde, Krishna Borde, Yogita Abhale, Vivek Bobade, Pravin C Mhaske Chemistry Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2022 1563-5334 Link
31 Design, synthesis, antimicrobial and ergosterol inhibition activity of new 4-(imidazo [1, 2-a] pyridin-2-yl) quinoline derivatives Prashant P Thakare, Sagar Dakhane, Abdullatif N Shikh, Manisha Modak, Ashiwini Patil, Vivek D Bobade, Pravin C Mhaske Chemistry Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2022 1563-5335 Link
30 Synthesis of new 3-(4-methyl-2-arylthiazol-5-yl)-5-aryl-1, 2, 4-oxadiazole derivatives as potential cytotoxic and antimicrobial agents Abdul Latif N Shaikh, Abhijit Shinde, Abhijit Chavan, Rajendra Patil, Vivek Bobade, Pravin C Mhaske Chemistry European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Reports 2022 2772-4174 Link
29 Synthesis and antimycobacterial screening of a novel series of α-amino acids containing thiazole linker Jitendra L Nalawade, Pravin C Mhaske, Abhijit D Shinde, Abhijit P Chavan, Yogita K Abhale, Dhiman Sarkar, Vivek D Bobade Chemistry Arkivoc 2022 1551-7012 Link
28 Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Application of MgZrO3@ Fe2O3@ ZnO Core-Shell Oxide for the Degradation Nigrosine Dye Ashok V Borhade, Yogita R Shelke, Vivek D Bobade, Dipak R Tope, Jyoti A Agashe Chemistry Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology 2022 2476-6615 Link
27 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel CoCr2O4@GeO2@ZnO Core–Shell Nanostructure: Focus on Electrical Conductivity and Gas Sensing Properties SS Kushare, VD Bobade, VN Suryawanshi, DR Tope, AV Borhade Chemistry Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 2022 1574-1451 Link
26 Removal of Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions from water solution by CoFeO/AlO nanocomposite Ashwini S Varpe, Mrinalini D Deshpande, Dipak R Tope, Ashok V Borhade Physics The European Physical Journal Plus 2022 2190-5444 Link
25 Frequency and trend analyses of annual peak discharges in the Lower Mekong Basin Uttam Pawar, Sophal Try, Nitin Muttil, Upaka Rathnayake, Worawit Suppawimut Geography Heliyon 2023 ISSN 2405-8440 (online) Link
24 Evaluation of the geomorphological scenario of Shimsha River Basin, Karnataka, India Bharath Ashwath, Maddamstty Ramesh, Uttam Pawar Geography Water Science and Technology 2023 ISSN 0273-1223; EISSN 1996-9732 Link
23 DFT study of Lithium, Sodium and Potassium salts of Amino Acids; Global Reactivity Descriptors, Optimized parameters and Hydration free energy. Mahendra B. Dhande Chemistry Oriental Journal of Chemistry 2023 0970 – 020X Link
22 Spatiotemoral Rainfall Variability and Trends over the Mahi Basin, India Uttam Pawar, Pramodkumar Hire, Miyuru B. Gunathilake, Upaka Rathnayake Geography Climate 2023 E ISSN 2225-1154 Link
21 Analysis of Multi-Temporal Shoreline Changes Due to a Harbor Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS Techniques Sanjana Zoysa, Vindhya Basnayake, Jayanga T. Samarasinghe, Miyuru B. Gunathilake, Komali Kantamaneni, Nitin Muttil, Uttam Pawar and Upaka Rathnayake Geography Sustainability 2023 E ISSN 2071-1050 Link
20 Cytology of Aloe trinervis (Asphodelaceae): A Newly Described Species from Indian Desert . Kumar Vinod Chhotupuri Gosavi, Nilesh Appaso Madhav and Ravikiran Ningappa Kulloli Botany Cytologia 2023 0011-4545 Link
19 Karyomorphological Analysis of Indigofera santapaui (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae): An Endemic Species from North Western Ghats and Maharashtra of India. Kumar Vinod Chhotupuri Gosavi and Sharad Suresh Kambale Botany Cytologia 2023 0011-4545 Link
18 New Records of Grasses to the Karnataka State, India Chandore A.N., Malpure N.V., Gosavi K.V.C. and S.R. Yadav Botany Journal of Bombay Natural and History Society 2023 0006-6982 Link
17 Rediscovery and lectotypification of Scurrula stocksii (Loranthaceae): a rare and endemic species of Maharashtra, India Arun Nivrutti Chandore, Kumar Vinod Chhotupuri Gosavi & Sharad Suresh Kambale Botany Phytotaxa 2023 1179-3155 Link
16 Rediscovery of little-known-monotypic genus Karnataka P.K.Mukh. & Constance (Apiaceae). Kumar Vinod Chhotupuri Gosavi, Nilesh Appaso Madhav, Vikas Bhat Khandige & Arun Nivrutti Chandore Botany Phytotaxa 2023 1179-3155 Link
15 Change-point detection in monsoon rainfall of Narmada River (central India) during 1901-2015 Bilel Zerouali, Uttam V Pawar, Ahmed Elbeltagi, Zaki Abda, Mohamed Chettih, Celso Augusto Guimarães Santos & Salah Difi Geography Journal of Earth System Science 2023 Electronic ISSN 0973-774X Link
14 Rainfall-runoff-inundation (RRI) model for Kalu River, Sri Lanka Ruchiru D. Herath, Uttam Pawar, Dushyantha M. Aththanayake, Kushan D. Siriwardhana, Dimantha I. Jayaneththi, Chatura Palliyaguru, Miyuru B. Gunathilake & Upaka Rathnayake Geography Modeling Earth Systems and Environment 2023 Electronic ISSN – 2363-6211; Print ISSN – 2363-6203 Link
13 Hydro-Meteorological Characteristics of the 1973 Catastrophic Flood in the Mahi Basin, India Uttam Pawar , Pramodkumar Hire, Ranjan Sarukkalige and Upaka Rathnayake Geography Water 2023 EISSN 2073-4441 Link
12 Molybdenum chalcogenides for supercapacitor applications: A critical review S P Gupta Physics Journal of Energy Storage 2023 2352152X Link
11 Exploring vanadium-chalcogenides toward solar cell application: A review S P Gupta Physics Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2023 1226086X Link
10 Nanostructured Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) Thin Films Deposited by Various Modes of Electrodeposition for Photovoltaic Application S P Gupta Physics ES Energy & Environment 2023 25780654 Link
9 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of CdFe2O4/Al2O3 nanocomposite for dye degradation Ashwini S. Varpe, Mrinalini D. Deshpande, Dipak R. Tope, Ashok V. Borhade Physics Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2023 1614-7499 Link
8 Adsorption mechanism of different toxic gases onto pristine BNC2 and Al-doped BNC2 monolayers Poonam Chalase,a Swapnil Deshpande, ORCID logo a Sandip Kumavata Mrinalini Deshpande Physics Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2023 1463-9076 Link
7 Electronic, transport and optical properties of ZnO/GaN heterostructures: first-principles study Sandhya Y Wakhare Mrinalini D Deshpande Physics Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2023 0022-3727 Link
6 A comprehensive study on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Ni0.3Cu0.3Zn0.4Fe1.8Cr0.2O4 nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel auto combustion route Shrikant Suryawanshi, Dilip Badwaik, Bipin Shinde, Kunal Gaikwad, Mohd shkir, kamlesh chandekar, shweta gundale Physics Journal of molecular structure 2023 0022-2860 Link
5 An efficient synthesis of new 3, 5‐bis (2‐arylthiazol‐4‐yl)‐1, 2, 4‐oxadiazole derivatives and their antimicrobial evaluation Abdul Latif N Shaikh, Manish Bhoye, Yogesh Nandurkar, Hari R Pawar, Vivek Bobade, Pravin C Mhaske Chemistry Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2023 1943-5193 Link
4 Synthesis and Antimicrobial Screening of 3-Fluoromethyl Pyrazole Derivatives Yogesh Walunj, Pramod Kulkarni, Abdullatif N Shaikh, Abhijit Chavan, Vivek D Bobade, Pravin C Mhaske Chemistry Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2023 1563-5335 Link
3 Design of Novel MgZrO3@ Fe2O3@ ZnO as a Core-Shell Nano Catalyst: an Effective Strategy for the Synthesis of Pyranopyrazole Derivatives Yogita Shelke, Vivek Bobade, Dipak Tope, Sachin Kushare, Jyoti Agashe, Ashok Borhade Chemistry Current Organocatalysis 2023 22133372 Link
2 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of CdFe2O4/Al2O3 nanocomposite for dye degradation Ashwini S Varpe, Mrinalini D Deshpande, Dipak R Tope, Ashok V Borhade Physics Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2023  0944-1344 Link
1 A Simple, Green, and Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of Dihydropyrano[3,2-c]chromene Derivatives Using MgMnO3@ZrO2@CoO as a Core–Shell Nanocrystalline … YR Shelke, VD Bobade, DR Tope, JA Agashe, AV Borhade Chemistry Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023 1520-6904 Link