Books Published

Books published by Faculties

Our institution’s teachers and researchers exhibit a diverse and distinguished scholarly output, extending beyond journal articles to encompass books and book chapters published by national and international publishers. This comprehensive range underscores the depth of expertise and commitment to knowledge dissemination across multiple platforms. They contribute significantly to research reference books, offering authoritative insights and analyses. Their engagement with regional language books addressing local and global issues showcases a nuanced understanding of societal dynamics. By creating textbooks aligned with university syllabi, they shape future scholars and professionals. Embracing digital formats, they cater to evolving reader preferences, enhancing accessibility. Overall, their prolific publication record underscores outstanding

Year Total Number of Books published National International Textbooks
2018 05 01 02
2019 13 11 02 07
2020 18 02 14 05
2021 22 20 03 09
2022 31 19 04 12
2023 27 09 18 03
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