Gokhale Education Society’s  HPT Arts and RYK Science College, Nashik  The Internal Quality Assurance Cell plays a proactive role in ensuring qualitative functioning of the academic and administrative units of the college. It undertakes quality initiatives, prepares perspective plan, suggests new programs and activities in consultation with various stakeholders. The IQAC continuously monitor and reviews the day to day functioning of the college and suggests necessary changes as and when required. It ensures quality in the diverse functions of the college by promoting culture of debate, communication and consensus to achieve the mission and objectives of the college.

Date of Establishment: 20/06/2010

IQAC Composition 

Dr. V.N. Suryawanshi Principal
Dr.Mrs. D.P. Deshpande Management Representative
Mrs. R.A.S. Singh Vice Principal
Dr. V.D. Bobade Coordinator
Dr. R.S. Varkhede Teacher
Dr. V.D. Bhargave Teacher
Dr. L.P. Sharma Teacher
Dr. V.K. Avasthi Teacher
Mrs. P.S. Sane Teacher
Mr. A.H. Shirsat Teacher
Mr. S.M. Shimpi CEO
Mr. K.P. Shinde Registrar
Mr.S.S.Shendre Office Superintendent
Mr.PrakashYekkundi Alumni
Dr.Mrs.SanjyotiSukhatme Local Nominee
Mr.SaurabhBendale Student Representative
Ms.SampadaKambale Student Representative

Quality Initiatives

New Courses Instituted: 1. Post Graduate course in History (2015) 2. Four Ph.D. programs in Physics (2011), Microbiology (2013), English (2013) and Botany (2013) 3. Two UGC sponsored Add-on courses (ANDROID, Communication Skill Development) (2014). 4. Add-on course on Entrepreneurship (2013). 5. Choice based credit system in all PG courses (2013) 6. Extra credit course on Human Rights, Cyber Security and Skill Development.

Qualification Enhancement and Continuing Education of Teachers: In an effort to promote life-long learning, teachers are encouraged and facilitated to participate in Orientation, Refresher, FDP programs and present papers in Conferences, Workshops/Seminars. Seven day BCUD sponsored FDP program was organized by the college in June 2015. Further, the teachers were encouraged to pursue Ph.D. to enhance their qualification. Eighteen teachers during last seven years completed their Ph.D. and Thirteen are pursuing. Teacher are encouraged to use ICT based and non-conventional teaching methods such as the use of You-tube videos, on-line lectures, films and slides to improve attendance and generate positivity and interest among the students. The college received a grant of 50 lakhs under DST-FIST program to enhance the instrumentation facility for research in Science laboratories with sophisticated equipments. Fourty nine Major/Minor sponsored research projects have been taken up by teachers.  Research output in form of publications, numbers to around 179 research articles in peer reviewed journals and Teachers have also published books and contributed chapters in edited books (26).

Infrastructure:  New building for Girls Hostel with a grant from UGC has been completed in the year 2016. Vertical extension of life science building to relocate some Departments and additional classrooms is in progress. Renovation of toilets and washrooms, drinking water facility, addition of sanitary napkin vending machine and incinerator in ladies room, solar panel installation, resorting to LED Lights and Computer screens, separate parking facility for students and teachers  have been initiated.

Enriching Library: Post accreditation, the college library has added 10,500 books to its collection, worth 35 Lakh Rupees. The library has acquired one unit of PlexTalk PTV1/T3 for visually challenged students. Small group orientation for using N-LIST data base enhanced its usage as an outcome of this training, in the years 2015 and 2016, our college is among top 10 colleges using N-LIST. The library in collaboration with the Department of Library and Information Science organized workshop on “SLIM 21: System for Library Information & Management” on 6th Feb.2016 and Two day’s State Level Workshop on “KOHA Integrated Library Systems” on 24th & 25th March.2018. is the link of the Library website developed recently. For the security and surveillance purpose, 02 CCTV cameras are installed in the library.

Green and Academic Audit: Green Audit was taken up as an aim to analyze environmental practices within and outside the college campus in order to ensure a positive impact and eco-friendly ambience.  Underneath this program go-green, save energy, arresting the carbon foot-print, proper disposal of liquid and solid waste, health and safety practices and general encouragement for adopting green culture has been taken up. Water harvesting, e-waste management, composting, plantation are other on-campus initiatives were also undertaken.

Student’s Council:  The College has student’s council. Various activities for the development of student’s personality and imparting skills are organized under the council.

NSS:  The college has NSS unit of 200 volunteers. Enrolment for the new volunteers starts immediately after the opening of the college for the new academic year. It is usually notified by the notice to all interested students. Various community development activities are organised by this unit over the year. The NSS activity gives opportunity to develop leadership skill, confidence in public speaking and widening of vision. Through this activity students serve the e society and people in the rural and tribal area. Every year a camp for 10 days is organized under the scheme. University issues certificate to these volunteers who have completed 2 camps and 240 hours of service under the NSS. NSS volunteers are also entitled to the benefit of ordinance-163(grace marks) after successful completion of 120 hours in an academic year.

NCC:   The college has reputed NCC unit. The enrollment of new cadets is made after college opens for its new academic year. The parades and drills are conducted on Sundays. This unit organizes several camps which gives opportunity to undergo various types of training to the students. Students can appear for B and C certificate examination as a NCC cadet. NCC is very important for leading a disciplined life and cultivating pride for nation. The NCC cadets are also eligible for the benefits of Ordinance-163(grace marks).