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Gymkhana :

While academic excellence has been the main goal of our educational efforts, for the years, the participation and performance in sports, cultural activities, extra-curricular activities and military training, have also received due and minute attention of the authorities of the college. Sports events like cricket, badminton, table-tennis, athletics etc. are held at college level. The college Gymkhana organizes various sports activities. Spacious playground is the attraction of the college.Well equipped gymnasium is the pride of the college gymkhana. College gymkhana also organizes interclass competitions for all interested students.The teams are selected from the interested best players to represent college in intercollegiate tournaments. Selection of teams is usually notified by the notice from sports department. Participation in sports keeps the students physically fit and develops sportsman spirit which is very important to lead a happy life. Those students who participate in university teams are entitled to the ordinance-163 (grace marks).