Activities 2023-24

Activities Conducted by College through the involvement of Various department and committees


Department Title Date
College International Yog Day Celebration 21-06-2023
Statistics Celebration of “National Statistics Day” 29-06-2023
Sanskrit Sankrit Sambhashan Varg 30-06-2023
Sci. Asso BIS Door to Door Campaign -Certificate Distribution 05-07-2023
College Sir Dr. M. S Gosavi Sharddhanjali sabha 12-07-2023
 College Ph.D. Continuation Committee for Eco & Geography 13-07-2023
Political Science Workshop (NEP 2020- MA I Restructiring Syllabus ) 17-07-2023
College FYBA Induction Programme 17-07-2023
FYBSc Induction Programme 18-07-2023
Biotechnology Induction Program for F.Y. B. Sc. Biotech. Students 19-07-2023
Biotechnology Seminar on Scope of Biotechnology by Mr. Pratik Paranjpe, Mr. Ketan Dhede 25-07-2023
   College STA Meeting @ SMRK 28-07-2023
College LIC Ph.D. Continuation Committee for Physics 01-08-2023
College S. Y. B.Sc.  Induction Programme 07-08-2023
College TYBA Induction Programme 10-08-2023
Biotechnology Induction Program for S.Y. and T. Y. B. Sc. Biotech. students 10-08-2023
IQAC Orientation Programme for Temp Teachers 11-08-2023
College Selfie with Tiranga 14-08-2023
College Independence Day Programme 15-08-2023
College SYBA Teaching Started 17-08-2023
College TYBA Coordinator meeting 19-08-2023
Statistics Guidance Lecture on “Application of Statistics & Job Opportunities in Statistics” By Prof. Dr. Nutan Khangar 21-08-2023
Biotechnology Workshop on ‘Preparing Anti Ragging Worriers’ 23-08-2023
Psychology Faculty Development Programme 23-08-2023
NSS Cyber Security lecture with red FM 25-08-2023
College S. Y. B.A.  Induction Programme 26-08-2023
IQAC & Microbiology IPR Lecture 28-08-2023
Students Development Guest lecture  on relationship management 29-08-2023
1College CDC Meeting 31-08-2023
NSS NSS elocution Competition 31-08-2023
History Study tour 31-08-2023
Sanskrit Sanskrit Quiz competition with global Sanskrit (Online) 01-09-2023
College Teachers Day Celebration 05-09-2023
Political Science Competition (Elocution competition-G20 Nashik akashvani) 05-09-2023
Statistics Teachers day Celebration 05-09-2023
Amhi jijau savitrichya leki prarambh, Malati bai Kulkarni School 05-09-2023
College Inauguration at Sir Dr. M S G Auditorium Memorial Lecture 12-09-2023
History Study tour 13-09-2023
College Blood Donation Camp 15-09-2023
College Geo. Dept. Ozone day Celebration 16-09-2023
History Guidance activity and study tour Museum visit 16-09-2023
Statistics Interaction with Past Students 18-09-2023
College Ganesh murti sthpana 19-09-2023
College FY BSc/BA Medical Check up Kasturi Hospital 20-09-2023
Hindi Hindi Day Celebration 22-09-2023
Research cell Avishkar (Reserch compitition) college level selection rodund 22-09-2023
IQAC Special Lecture, SDMSG 26-09-2023
Zoology Career counceling fair 26-09-2023
Micro Lecture on Scientific 27-09-2023
IQAC IQAC/FE/TTM Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development 30-09-2023
Statistics Parent – Teacher Meet 30-09-2023
Biotechnology Shri Lakshminarayan Rathi Scholarship Distribution Program, Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashok Deshpande 30-09-2023
College swachhata abhiyan 01-10-2023
College Mahatma Gandhi/ Lal Bahadur Shastri 03-10-2023
Sanskrit Celebrating Our traditions 04-10-2023
College I Gain Compeetition 05-10-2023
Psychology Mental Health Day Celebration 10-10-2023
Eng Growing as a teacher 12-10-2023
Political Science Guest Lecture-(Dr. Nitin Jadhav and Professor Haresh khairnar) 18-10-2023
Statistics Celebration of “World Statistics Day” 20-10-2023
Electronics Workshop on on IOT Seminar Hall 20-10-2023
College Electroal Literacy meeting, Collector office 26-10-2023
College Avishkar College Round 28-10-2023
College Diwali Vacation Began 01-11-2023
Hindi akhal bhartiya sathya parivar loksathya and bharathiya nayan parampara 04-11-2023
College Diwali Vacation end 21-11-2023
College  Second Term Began 22-11-2023
Political Science Social Outreach programmes (Samvidhan day) 26-11-2023
Zoology Guest Lecture on topic ” Exploring Frontiers: Zoology Research, Technology and Global Opportunities.” 07-12-2023