College committees collectively serve as pillars in fostering a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment within the institution while addressing the specific needs and concerns of various demographic groups.

The Internal Complaints Committee ensures the fair and confidential handling of complaints related to any form of harassment or discrimination within the college community, while the G-Vishakha Committee specifically focuses on creating a secure environment for female students and staff, implementing measures for prevention, and addressing instances of sexual harassment.

The Grievance Redressal Committee provides a platform for all members of the college community to voice their grievances or concerns, ensuring they are heard, investigated, and resolved impartially.

The Anti-Ragging Committee plays a vital role in preventing and addressing instances of ragging or harassment among students, promoting a culture of respect and tolerance.

The Minority Cell, Other Backward Class Cell, and the Committee for SC and ST work towards advocating for the rights, welfare, and representation of minority groups, Other Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes respectively, within the college community, striving to create an environment that fosters diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all.

Together, these committees form a cohesive framework that upholds the values of fairness, justice, and inclusivity, ensuring a supportive and enriching educational experience for all members of the college community.


Dr. V. N. Suryavanshi