Department of Physical Education & Sports

Department of Physical Education & Sports

About Us-

The primary goal of physical education and sports in higher education is to enhance the overall well-being of students, both physically and mentally, while also fostering the development of essential life skills that are beneficial for personal and professional growth.

The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 advocates for the integration of physical education and sports not only in school education but also in higher education institutions such as colleges and universities.

The Department of Physical Education and Sports in colleges plays a pivotal role in promoting physical fitness and well-being among students. It offers opportunities for students to engage in physical activities and sports as part of their academic curriculum and extracurricular pursuits. Additionally, the department identifies and nurtures sporting talent among students, fostering a vibrant sporting culture within the college community.

Throughout the academic year, the Physical Education and Sports Department organizes various activities, including Inter-Class, Inter-Collegiate, and Inter-Zonal Sports Tournaments. Collaborating with the Pune District Zonal Sports Committee, the college hosts a range of sports events for both men and women, with students from our institution receiving accolades and prizes for their achievements.

Our college students have excelled in Inter-Collegiate, Inter-Zone, All India Inter-University, National, and International level tournaments, earning special recognition and awards for their outstanding performances.

In conclusion, the Department of Physical Education and Sports in colleges is instrumental in promoting physical fitness, mental well-being, and holistic student development. By providing opportunities for students to engage in diverse physical activities and sports, the department not only cultivates essential life skills but also fosters a healthy and active campus environment, nurturing a strong sporting ethos within the college community. Through its array of programs and initiatives, the department continues to uphold its commitment to enhancing the overall well-being and development of students.


Our mission is to create a nurturing environment and state-of-the-art sports facilities for young individuals, in order to build a solid foundation for their future success. We aim to equip them with knowledge, physical skills, and strategic tactics that will empower them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Mission :

  • Our goal is to offer top-notch facilities and a supportive environment for students to develop their physical fitness.
  • We aim to foster a love for sports by hosting and taking part in a variety of athletic events.
  • Additionally, we strive to create innovative programs and opportunities for students to discover and enhance their talents in the realm of sports.

Objectives :

  • Our goal is to encourage student participation in a wide range of sports activities throughout the year.
  • We aim to promote various games, sports, and recreational activities to foster a love for physical fitness.
  • Additionally, we strive to develop the necessary skills and competencies for physical training and coaching. Ultimately, our mission is to inspire the true spirit of “Citius- Altius – Fortius” – higher, faster, and stronger.


Sports Advisory group in the College level is liable for advancing and creating actual training and sports programs for UG & PG students. The council plans to empower a solid and dynamic way of life among undergrads by giving open doors to them to take part in active work and sports. The board is normally comprised of faculty members and sports students who cooperate to coordinate games, competitions, and different exercises. They additionally supervise the utilization of college sports offices, hardware, and assets. The panel assumes a fundamental part in improving the by and large actual wellness and health of the understudy body. It supports cooperation, sportsmanship, and fair play, and gives a stage to students to feature their gifts and abilities. The advisory group additionally makes progress toward guaranteeing the security and prosperity of understudies during actual instruction and sports exercises by executing suitable well being measures and conventions. The board frequently teams up with other college councils and outside associations to grow and work on actual instruction and sports programs for understudies. Generally, the board endeavors to establish a strong and comprehensive climate where all sports students can take part and succeed in actual training and sports exercises. The council meets two times the year compulsorily and according to needs. The current board of trustees is as under i. e. for academic Year 2022-23.


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