Guidelines for students regarding XII Admission

  1. Online admission process will start from 10th June 2020 till 30th June 2020.
  2. The online admission process aims to avoid crowd of students during this pandemic. Therefore students are requested to utilize the facility as it has been provided for your own good.
  3. The students are requested to fill the Online Admission Form on respective college website.
  1. First, start with the registration process. At the time of registration enter your email id, this email id will be used as user name while login. Student will get the activation link in the same email id provided while registration.
  2. When activation is completed, student would be able to login using the registered email id.
  3. The admission form must be properly filled-in in all respects including contact details/mobile number.
  4. Duly filled admission forms are to be submitted after commencement of the college according to the schedule declared by the college as per the directives declared by the government.
  5. Amount can be paid online using platforms like Google Pay/Phone Pay/Pay Tm/BhimApp/NEFT/ On-line Banking
  6. Important Note for the students: Note down the transaction Id/reference Id as it will be required to fill in the form. Take a screenshot of successful e-payment and email that on Also mention Student’s Name and Roll No. in the email.
  7. A. Students who wish to apply for concession under Reservation Category (SC/ST/OBC/VJ/NT/SBC) will have to fill online form on approximately in the month of August/September or as per the instructions or guidelines issued by Government. If the student fail to submit relevant fee concession form will have to pay fees as per Open category student.

B. Student getting concession under Girl Freeship/ EBC/PTW/STW/Freedom Fighter etc. will have to fill concession form as per the instructions issued by concerned authorities/at the time of joining the college.

C. Student will have to pay fees as per given fees amount in the online application form.

All concerned students are requested to note the above instructions and follow the schedule.

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